Reverse Hand-painted Glass Balls

.....Elegant , delicate , tasteful and unique

Hand Painted From The Inside!
Each One Is Unique! No two pieces are ever exactly alike!

Gift Ideas: Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Inspirational, Christmas, Easter, Wedding, Graduation, Corporate


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Santa Christmas Balls
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Snowmen Balls
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Marine Life Ornaments
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Landmark Ornaments
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Animals Ball Ornaments
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We can not list all the designs, if you have any of further requirements,please feel free to contact us with your required information or request us to make your own custom ornaments.

About Inside Painting

The art of Inside Painting - called "Nei Hua" originated in the early 1800s by painting inside snuff bottles. Snuff was a mixture of tobacco, herbs and essential oils, all mixed into a fine powder. Ever since, inside painted art -- whether snuff bottles, crystal balls, or glass ornaments -- continues to be prized by collectors.

First the inside of the ornament is acid washed for the paint to adhere to the glass. The the artist creates the painting by inserting a miniature brush through the tiny hole at the top, and painting each minute detail in reverse, often solely by the sense of touch, as the opaque glass does not allow the artist to see the tip of the brush. The process begins with an outline of the design, then painstakingly filling in the colors one by one in layers, starting with the top layer and finishing with the background.

It takes two years of teaching for an artist to become good enough to paint quality works. Intricate designs like those offered by us take many hours, sometimes days, to paint, and each is an original work of art. No two pieces are alike.

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